5 Mistakes In Home Alarm System Design

Project 113629983You’ve done it! You finally decided to install a home alarm system with a company that actually seems to have it all together. But before you shoot off a large check to the company letting them know they’ve got you hooked make sure that you’re going to have everything you need so that your home is fully protected. Home security is a matter of weighing the options and your budget, determining what should be a real priority and what seems to simply be a matter of opinion. No matter how much we want security systems to be convenient and easy to use, there’s nothing as disastrous as overlooking significant vulnerabilities in favor of easy system installation or use. The good news is the right system will be convenient and user friendly while allowing you to protect all the essential points. So while you decide which package of devices will work best for you, and you draw up the system layout that seems best consider these 5 mistakes made all too often in home alarm system design.

Selecting the Wrong Sensors

Sensors are, by their very nature, sensitive little devices. They have a task that will determine how safe you feel in your own home. So you can see how troublesome it would be to select and install the wrong sensors. You can’t imagine how many false alarms are set off just because Mr. Jones installed an outdoor sensor inside the house and the cat continues to move in front of it. Make sure that you’re choosing sensors that use the technology that seems correct for you and the location that you’re installing it.

Effortless Codes

Remember that convenience vs. security thing we were talking about up toward the top? DSCN4533_2Well here’s one area where this manifests all too often. For many homeowners it seems like an awful lot of work to devise a security code and make sure the right people have it while remembering it and being able to use it when you want it. So many people choose to simply use codes like 0000 or 9876. Be real! That takes no effort at all to come up with how could it prevent someone determined to get in from getting in? Don’t waste the money you’re spending on security. Do it right.

Turn On Your System

That’s right, don’t just buy it and get the codes installed just so that you can leave it off when you run out on errands. The majority of burglaries take place during the day between the hours of 10am and 3pm. This is because thieves know that homes are more likely to be empty during the day. At the same time home invasion has also been rising, meaning that crooks who want to break in aren’t as scared anymore. So the most important time to arm your system is ALL THE TIME: during the day when you leave for 5 minutes and at night when everyone is home. Protect yourself!

Fake Parts

Why go to the trouble of spending money on fake devices, like monitors or cameras or motion detectors, when you can probably find a product that will be just as affordable and FAR MORE EFFECTIVE. Security systems aren’t just about prevention, they’re about covering yourself before and after a crime. That fake camera isn’t going to do you any good, but even a discount camera will provide you with more information.

Don’t Forget Entry Points

You know your home better than anyone else, but that’s doesn’t mean you’ll know the perfect way to cover it. Many homeowners forget huge vulnerabilities like the garage door and the basement windows. With a well thought out security system every door and lock will be fully protected for your benefit.Wooden Front Door 156443918

We’re just scraping the surface here when it comes to common mistakes. Take your time, ask for professional help, and do security right because when you get it right it’s the most rewarding of all.