Home Alarm System Devices Every Home Should Have

What does your home security system look like? What home alarm system devices have you implemented over the years? Do you still rely solely on the classic deadbolt lock or have you expanded to a wireless system with remote monitoring? There are so many parts to home alarms and security you might easily be overwhelmed by the decisions that face you as you decide what are the best elements to use in your home protection. But of all the home alarm devices you do choose to use there are three that every home should have. Let us introduce you to the home DVR, the surveillance camera, and the motion detector.

The Home DVR

19-08-5We begin with the home DVR because this is in essence the heart of your surveillance system and even your remote monitoring abilities. Despite the fact that cheap cameras can be bought and connected through a computer to your phone a stand-alone security system DVR will always be better than utilizing those cheap systems. Stand-alone DVR systems are the physical hardware that drive your surveillance system. It is their responsibility to provide playback of the footage that your cameras are capturing, to then store that footage, and finally allow for later review of the footage. When purchasing a DVR it is important to select a machine that has enough storage to run quality cameras and to store high-resolution footage. Look for systems with high resolution and frame rate and compression abilities such as H.264. These specs will allow you to get the most information possible out of the footage that is recorded. If you intend to use the DVR for remote viewing of footage make sure that you get a system that will allow for one or more persons to access remotely.

The Surveillance Camera

Most homes do not have these devices in their home security systems. Perhaps this is in an effort to save money. The best advice that could be given is even a cheap camera is better than none. The surveillance camera is one of the fastest deterrents a home security system can have in the mind of a burglar. 590268_41992492With a good camera you can collect footage during day and night using night vision abilities and you can access that footage remotely! With cameras inside and out you can monitor your property and your kids or pets while you are away at work. A quality camera should have good resolution, night vision, and motion detection and activation. With these capabilities you can be warned by your system of trouble AND look to see if it’s a false alarm or cause FOR alarm.

The Motion Detector

There are actually hundreds of options on the market when it comes to a good motion detector, but they are getting more and more accurate at determining what movement is worthy of alarm. It is important to cover any entrances (meaning windows or side doors) with motion detectors if you cannot afford cameras for all. If you have pets or special needs most professional security companies can help you determine what sensors will work best for your home.

Make sure as you design your security system to use these three home alarm devices, which will alert you and your professional monitoring team to any trouble!