Should You Install Your Home Security Camera Systems

Happy Couple Sitting On Couch 466418045Home security, is it a matter for experts (as they would have you believe) or is it a matter to take into your own hands? If you’re trying to find the smartest way make sure your home is protected then you’re probably weighing the aforementioned questions in your own mind. Perhaps the first question you have to ask yourself is this, “why do you want a security system?” Are you getting your security system just to keep up with the Joneses? Do you want a security system because something has already happened and you’re feeling vulnerable? Or do you want a security system because you have realized that you want to protect your home and family better than you currently are. For whatever reason you have chosen to seek out better security for your home it’s important to know why you want it because that will affect the security you choose to get.

Reasons for Self-Installation

Delivery man ringing doorbell 177015974You will probably find many articles on the Internet telling you that self-installation for home security cameras is a smart choice for any number of the following reasons:

  • Self-installation means you will be more familiar with the system that you have purchased- since you choose to install it.
  • Self-installation will save you lots of money (they will say) because you don’t need to pay a technician to do it, just hook up the pieces on your own.
  • You’ll feel GREAT about yourself after you’ve accomplished self-installation.
  • You have more options because you have to search the Internet and find the devices that you want.
  • You can be educated about the security you allow in your home, which means you can better control and troubleshoot.

While these are in many cases true statements, be realistic about the motivations they are using here. Unless your motivation for self-installation really is to keep up with your neighbors (in which case buying and self-installing will surely show them) then it’s kind of a bad motivation. Feeling good about yourself doesn’t just need to be attached to DIY projects, especially considering how much better you will feel when you have achieved the state of protection you want for your family.

Let us acknowledge that being familiar with your security system and doing your homework to learn what makes one security system better than another are credible reasons to want to self-install. But you do not have to forgo those reasons when you look to professionals for installation. As a matter of fact you will ALWAYS be better off if you choose to educate yourself about the product and then turn to experts to learn more and use their knowledge to supplement your own.

Reasons for Professional Installation

home-security-163693183If you want to learn all you can about home security and then turn to professionals for a quality security system installation you will find there are many benefits.

  • Proper installation is ensured with a security technician helping you out.
  • You can hold the company responsible until the system is up and running correctly, this means calling them back to fix glitches.
  • Avoid false alarms by having the system properly wired, or synced if it is a wireless system.
  • Discounts from your insurance company for having a quality security system installed to protect your home—which means in some cases you’ll save more money than you would with self-installation.

Just remember to look before you leap! Don’t run headlong into DIY security, if you really want to see your family protected make sure you take the time to get a quality system installed and have professionals watching your back.