The Pros and Cons of Wireless Home Alarm Systems

Home alarm companies have d1254480_84097959one a great amount for the forward innovation of wireless home alarm systems as they listen to the desires of their clients and strive to make security easier and more secure at the same time. While the wireless innovations that have been made bring new options into play for homeowners it’s important not to simply assume that because it’s wireless it’s going to provide better security. As a matter of fact there are many reasons why wired security systems can provide better reliability. In the effort to balance cost and convenience with real protection here’s a conversation on the pros and cons of wireless home alarm systems.

First Establishing the Contenders

Obviously what we’re looking at is the difference between wireless and wired security systems. Now this is a pretty significant over simplification since there are far more than two options out there. On the market these days you can choose between digital and analog systems, IP internet wireless systems and HD-SDI systems, wireless analog, wireless digital—you get the idea. It is important to understand that when talking about wireless vs. wired systems we have to acknowledge the pros and cons of the different systems so when you should note a significant difference we’ll make sure to mention it here.

Wireless analog is the groundwork for wireless systems because it was the first style of wireless made available to private security. Analog wireless would broadcast across a coax cable and wirelessly through frequencies that were controlled by the government. The issues with analog wireless would drive many people to continue using wired systems. Then digital wireless was introduced. Stabilizing the security of wireless broadcasting most experts will tell you that with wireless digital broadcasting wireless is just as effective as wired. HD-SDI systems introduced a resolution of live and recorded footage at an astounding 1080p!

Wireless Analog Pros

Easily Changed: Learning how to get your security system properly designed is sometimes a matter of trial and error. For this reason if you’re DIY-ing your home security system wireless is good because you can easily pick up and readjust the devices.Security Camera or CCTV isolate on white background 478836331

Flexibility: Whether you’re a renter or an established homeowner flexibility can be a good thing. As a renter if you need to move from place to place security systems often seem unreasonable. But wireless makes them just as flexible as you are. Quality security companies will also provide you with monitoring services on a month-to-month basis.

Cost: Wireless systems on a general scale are known to be cheaper than wired systems. This is a matter of purchasing cost and cost of installation both being more affordable because of the ease of use.

Wireless System Cons

Reliability: Analog wireless systems often field the complaint that they are not reliable! Even some digital systems- if not high quality or in a zone with good cellular service- will drop signals, or experience slow speeds. It has also been noted, with analog wireless, that there is too much business on the broadcasting frequencies and many signals can be disrupted! With digital systems this is becoming less of a problem, but can still cause issues.

Hacking or Interference:  Its is even true that a tech savvy burglar can hack into a wireless system remotely if they are interested. Which makes the system much more vulnerable. And if the frequencies on which you are broadcasting are busy you can suffer from signal interference.

Digital Systems

Family of Four on Lawn with Beautiful Home in Background 165142855With digital systems many of these problems are reconciled and you can enjoy reliability and ease of use. When it comes to wireless you can enjoy convenience, high quality products, professional services that will help you maintain them, and cheaper costs. Ask your professional security expert about wireless vs. wired and see which will be better for you.